Monday, May 31, 2010

Finally… They have approved my Application

Sometimes simple things in life becomes so complicated that you end up feeling miserable and whatever you think about is depressing and then you start feeling so terrible that you are sure that there is no light at the end of tunnel. Most of the times you come out of these situation and then you discover that all those worries have become sweet memories.

Sometimes in life we have lot of fun and we enjoy a lot over a long period of time then finally something terrible happens, and then you figure out that all that happiness was based on lie. From that moment all those nice experiences becomes a nightmare and you start re evaluating all that happened.

Some other times you have a terrible run. You are made to suffer a lot over a long period of time. You suffer so much that you start thinking "what is the point". Finally you realize that you have achieved a greater Happyness at the end of all misery. From that point all those miseries becomes sweet memories.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


How many times in life have you seen the Tables Turning. Still always forgets the need to respect your subordinates.

Very Bad . . . . ! ! ! !

Kandukandangirikkum janangale kandillennu varuthunna THUMBAVAAN.
Randu Naalu Dinam kondoruthane Thandilethi naduthanna THUMBAVAAN.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Good and Evil

He is a good person. He is a gentleman. She is a lady. She is a very wonderful person. We classify people based on certain criterion at given point in time. criterion keeps changing with Time, space and situation. Sometimes good and bad are different for different people. Something good for one person can be bad for another. Theft, Murder, Adultery, Terrorism, Fight against Terrorism, Alcoholism, Smoking... May it be anything raging from updating the miles you ran every day on facebook to murdering 100s of people with just one click of a button; People seems to have different opinion of them being Good or Bad.
In My opinion Good is somebody who makes a mistake and then never repeats it and Evil is a person who keeps on doing the same mistake again and again.