Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paruthi Veeran (2007) | (3.5/5)

I have only one word to tell about this movie. "Masterpiece". Picturised in a village somewhere in madurai. The movie is a true spectacle to look at.

Ramji has made his camera talk.He has exploited almost all the angles any one can think of with his camera. The whole of the movie was taken in natural light. Most of actors were without any make ups adding to the realism of the plot. The Picturisation and direction department stands out. Mr Ameer (Director)has done a wonderful job.
But the Icon of the movie is Karthik (Paruthiveeran) and Priyamani(Muthazhagu) who have played roles of their lives. Karthik is lucky to have such a performance oriented role to launch his career and has done no compromise in what can be called a less glamorous role. I wish he signs more of such movies and don't follow the paths of Vijay, Ajith and Surya. Priyamani is an exception in the tamil cinema industry, where actresses are just meant to look good and show off their dancing skills. Her performance make the movie a must watch for any movie buff.

Yuvan shankar raja has done a wonderful job in this album. He set aside his usual ding chik dang chik item songs and gave way to Tavil and other traditional musical instruments to create some of the most beautiful folk songs ever made in the industry. The picturisation of the songs are breath taking.
The only flaw i found in the movie was the way it was dubbed. An Original sound Recording would have made the movie much better. Most of the actors who were first timers to the industry are believed to have recorded for themselves. The unprofessional ism in the recording is very much visible. I felt very annoyed initially as i was trying very hard to cop up with the tough village accent the poor dubbing made things much worse. But soon i forgot about the sound and became part of the movie.

Go by my words The movie is not just full of joy and beauty. It has its own dark moments. The Blood shed and Gang rape scenes are too disturbing. Ginger started crying and BOB gally felt like vomiting watching those scenes. You cannot come out of the theatre without hating the movie. But i think that is the greatest victory of the Director. A movie succeeds when it is able to take its viewers to the emotional highs which ever emotion it may be, and that is exactly what Ameer has achieved with this movie.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

October Sky (1999)

When i started working as a technical consultant for a bank, I was just looking for something which would make my mind busy. That is when i started downloading and watching movies. But i never knew that i will come this farther to experience something like this.

The movie is about four school boys from a mining village who dreamed of making it big. A dream that changed the history of mankind. A dream to fly a ROCKET.

They had to fight all the odds, Prove everybody wrong and had to accomplish something which was almost Impossible. And that is exaclty what they did.

Powered by some exeptional performance and great screenplay this one truely is a gem of a Movie. This one will get a spot somewhere in top of my all time favourites.

Some Quotes

Quentin: What do you want to know about rockets?
Homer : Everything.

Quentin: They watched us get arrested. We're practically ex-convicts. They'll never dance with us.
O'Dell: Jesus, Quentin, you don't know anything about women.

Jake Mosby: Whole damn mountain about fell on your head. And John here, he saved your life.
Homer: That's my dad.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Maybe happiness is something that we can only pursue. And maybe we can actually never have it no matter what.

Makes you work for its climax if not its message.

A string of annoyances that no doubt riddled the real life of Chris Gardner, but when put in a Hollywood film, feel quite set up like dominos that fall with cliché timing.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

The hopes and dreams of four ambitious people are shattered when their drug addictions begin spiraling out of control.

The Most "Disturbing movie" i've seen till date.

Movie Revolves around four Protagonist who has their own Sweet American Dream. It says the story of requiem of their Dreams as they become addicted to cocaine and drugs.

Check out their website which is equally disturbing as the movie is.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Finally. They came to my room to tell the good news.

It marked the end of a 6 month old Saga which was packed with Emotions, Drama and Action like a Bollywood Super hit.

Mr Ganeshan and his constable came to the room and told

" We are from adambakam police station. Have you given complaint of a lost mobile"

For some moments i couldn't make out what was happening around me. I could only hear some dispersed sounds all that i could see were some stars twinkling around me.

The mobile thief is caught. There were two of them. They were caught Red handed trying to steal a mobile from a household. They will be sent to remand and then they will face a trail and will get a min of 6 Months to 2 years.

My mobile is already sold. There is noway i could get my mobile back but instead they offered me another mobile Nokia 3230 which they caught from the thieves.

Anything will do. I just want those cockroaches behind bars.

I asked the police whether i could land two punches on their face for which he gave a nice smile. I couldn't stop myself from going to the police station to see the bloody criminals. There is saw this two kids aged around 18-20 sitting in a corner of the police station.

They showed me signs with his hand asking "Have you come to see us? who are you".

I went close to him and told "AAmaanda (ya) I am the dude whose n73 you stole"

Ooooh what a great moment. Electric

Then they showed sign saying "We didn't do it". There was this look of innocence in their face.

I told myself. Anyway these guys were caught red handed while stealing a mobile. So they are not bloody innocent. The guys are going to loose 2 or 3 years of their youth in government prison. I gave a written complaint against them.

It is sad but they shouldn't have stolen my mobile.

Clue less of what i am talking about.

Read This and This.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From Water 8/10 to Mozhi 7/10

"Water" A dark Romantic tragedy with a loud message about the status of women in the so called "modern India". The movie has no colors except white and black. I couldn't enjoy the movie completely as most of time i was imagining how the movie would have looked like if Nanditha Das had done the role of KAMALA. The transformation from Earth to Water was wonderful especially the way in which Mr Gandhi was portrayed. Gandhi's presence of the screen was truly electric. Unlike Earth, here gandhi was portrayed as the real mahatma of modern India. The ICON of the movie is Chuyia, the 8 year old widow. Her childishness and ignorance brings some colour in the movie which otherwise would have been all dark.

"Mozhi" One of the Best romantic comedy ever made in the south Indian cinema. I don't know from where Mr Prakash raj got the knack of getting the best directors for his cinema, Or is it the other way around I don't know. Mozhi was full of colors and joy. Free from the usual Mokka comedy from the formulae guys like vivek and vadivel, Mozhi is a comedy which you can enjoy without leaving your brain in the closet . But the real beauty of the movie is the romance between Karthik and Archana played by Prithviraj and Jo. The performances were spot on. Prakash raj was as always at his best. Prithviraj has once again proved that he is not just a Superstar Son of Superstar Dad. Jo was ultimate as was Swarnamalya. Only week point in the movie is its music. Even though the background score was good, The songs were just old fashioned, outdated and at times very boring. A movie like this deserve to have a better music.

Intellectual CRAP

Since i had promised myself to keep the Eternal sunshine always spotless, I have started a new blog to let out my frustrations and mourns.

Friday, March 2, 2007

May be fooling around isn't so bad

Jesse: I don't know, I think that if I could just accept the fact that my life is supposed to be difficult. You know, that's what to be expected, then I might not get so pissed-off about it and I'll just be glad when something nice happens.

Jesse: Sometimes I dream about being a good father and a good husband. And sometimes it feels really close. But then other times it seems silly like it would ruin my whole life. And it's not just a fear of commitment or that I'm incapable of caring or loving because... I can. It's just that, if I'm totally honest with myself I think I'd rather die knowing that I was really good at something. That I had excelled in some way than that I'd just been in a nice, caring relationship.

Jesse: OK, well this was my thought: 50,000 years ago, there are not even a million people on the planet. 10,000 years ago, there's, like, two million people on the planet. Now there's between five and six billion people on the planet, right? Now, if we all have our own, like, individual, unique soul, right, where do they all come from? You know, are modern souls only a fraction of the original souls? 'Cause if they are, that represents a 5,000 to 1 split of each soul in the last 50,000 years, which is, like, a blip in the Earth's time. You know, so at best we're like these tiny fractions of people, you know, walking... I mean, is that why we're so scattered? You know, is that why we're all so specialized?

This is what is call Brilliant, Awsome