Thursday, March 15, 2007


Finally. They came to my room to tell the good news.

It marked the end of a 6 month old Saga which was packed with Emotions, Drama and Action like a Bollywood Super hit.

Mr Ganeshan and his constable came to the room and told

" We are from adambakam police station. Have you given complaint of a lost mobile"

For some moments i couldn't make out what was happening around me. I could only hear some dispersed sounds all that i could see were some stars twinkling around me.

The mobile thief is caught. There were two of them. They were caught Red handed trying to steal a mobile from a household. They will be sent to remand and then they will face a trail and will get a min of 6 Months to 2 years.

My mobile is already sold. There is noway i could get my mobile back but instead they offered me another mobile Nokia 3230 which they caught from the thieves.

Anything will do. I just want those cockroaches behind bars.

I asked the police whether i could land two punches on their face for which he gave a nice smile. I couldn't stop myself from going to the police station to see the bloody criminals. There is saw this two kids aged around 18-20 sitting in a corner of the police station.

They showed me signs with his hand asking "Have you come to see us? who are you".

I went close to him and told "AAmaanda (ya) I am the dude whose n73 you stole"

Ooooh what a great moment. Electric

Then they showed sign saying "We didn't do it". There was this look of innocence in their face.

I told myself. Anyway these guys were caught red handed while stealing a mobile. So they are not bloody innocent. The guys are going to loose 2 or 3 years of their youth in government prison. I gave a written complaint against them.

It is sad but they shouldn't have stolen my mobile.

Clue less of what i am talking about.

Read This and This.


Vaishnavi said...

Well buddy,you took some others mobile,may be someone like you are searching for it.

Those guys are spending their youth in prison than working or studying :(.
Some how this post disturbed me.

Is it by any chance you know tamil?

cheerz n greetz

Vaishnavi said...

Oh!so you have removed the moderation thing.Thankfully ;)

Its my Bday today so early the morning online :>

Fonceur said...

Ya that is the first thing i asked the police guy.

They told it is not possible to find the real owners of that cell as they dont have any information about the owners of that cell.

Any complaints were not filed for that particular cell. So they had got only two options.

1.Give that cell to those theaves itself or
2. Give it those whose mobile these people have stolen.

I think they chose the better option.

But one thing to be appriciated is that the police could have just sold that mobile outside and got money for that but they didnt do that. That is something to be appreciated.

"I know tamil" and whats the big deal in it??

Thanks for you concerns.

And very happy returns of the day.

Sorry that i disturbed your mind on your birthday morning.

Vaishnavi said...

umm Makes sense :)

Benevolent police men :)

I somehow thought u were some foreigner first,then some North Indian ;) settled in TN
Am a tamilian too :)

No sorries and thanks for the lovely wishes.
Hakuna Matata.Classes till 6 today (inc one exam)my temple plans ruined :((

Vaishnavi said...

An addendum:

Or may be that fellow lost hope that he wouldn't get his mobile.Guess Life goes on hope :)

Rajiv said...

Cool Dude!
Anyhow Ur lucky to get a 3230...

Hey U shud hav posted the Pics of the Criminal Kids or Atleast U shud hav uploaded the video they begged you... Otherwise u dont deserve the N series!!! LOL

Fonceur said...

Thanks Vaishnavi for the comments. Guess you are having a not so good birthday ahead.

Hey Raj what do you think i am some kind of sadist or somthing.

Man i am feeling this guy is going to loose is youth in jail and you are saying i should take his video and post it.

How sick..

As a matter of fact,

I did ask police whehter i can take a snap. But they didnt allow they said it is against the Penal code or somthing.

Rajiv said...

Dei Avlo Nallavanaada Neeee...


Fonceur said...