Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Paruthi Veeran (2007) | (3.5/5)

I have only one word to tell about this movie. "Masterpiece". Picturised in a village somewhere in madurai. The movie is a true spectacle to look at.

Ramji has made his camera talk.He has exploited almost all the angles any one can think of with his camera. The whole of the movie was taken in natural light. Most of actors were without any make ups adding to the realism of the plot. The Picturisation and direction department stands out. Mr Ameer (Director)has done a wonderful job.
But the Icon of the movie is Karthik (Paruthiveeran) and Priyamani(Muthazhagu) who have played roles of their lives. Karthik is lucky to have such a performance oriented role to launch his career and has done no compromise in what can be called a less glamorous role. I wish he signs more of such movies and don't follow the paths of Vijay, Ajith and Surya. Priyamani is an exception in the tamil cinema industry, where actresses are just meant to look good and show off their dancing skills. Her performance make the movie a must watch for any movie buff.

Yuvan shankar raja has done a wonderful job in this album. He set aside his usual ding chik dang chik item songs and gave way to Tavil and other traditional musical instruments to create some of the most beautiful folk songs ever made in the industry. The picturisation of the songs are breath taking.
The only flaw i found in the movie was the way it was dubbed. An Original sound Recording would have made the movie much better. Most of the actors who were first timers to the industry are believed to have recorded for themselves. The unprofessional ism in the recording is very much visible. I felt very annoyed initially as i was trying very hard to cop up with the tough village accent the poor dubbing made things much worse. But soon i forgot about the sound and became part of the movie.

Go by my words The movie is not just full of joy and beauty. It has its own dark moments. The Blood shed and Gang rape scenes are too disturbing. Ginger started crying and BOB gally felt like vomiting watching those scenes. You cannot come out of the theatre without hating the movie. But i think that is the greatest victory of the Director. A movie succeeds when it is able to take its viewers to the emotional highs which ever emotion it may be, and that is exactly what Ameer has achieved with this movie.

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