Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Tringg Tringg :D

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Am i really an idiot?
Or the people around are acting too smart?

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joke of the last millennium and the one before.

Bachelor : why do they say that marriage completes a man's Life.

Man : That is because Happiness is not everything in life.

Trivia: This joke is voted as the best joke of this millennium and the one coming next by

Monday, February 19, 2007

Pachaikili Muthuchiram 3/5

Good work....

I hope this one also fails in the box office, like all the other good cinemas that have failed previously.

Blogging sucks

When a person is updating his blog consistently then you can understand the following.

1. The person is summa vetti.
2. There is nobody to talk to.
3. He/She is not aware of the other beautiful things in life.
4. There is something wrong with his/her brain.
5. The person is too boring and idiotic.
6. The person is soon going to be a lunatic.


Also read this.

What do you say??

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Buono, il brutto, il cattivo, Il

when you have to shoot, you shoot don't talk.

The town is just 70 miles from here. If ya save your breath a man like you can manage it.

I keep the money you keep the Rope.

There are two types of people in the world, The ones with a loaded gun and the ones who dig.

Extracts from one of the greatest movie ever made.
When All the things in the world does not mean anything to you.
When you no longer care for you job, increment or promotion.
When you no longer care how much money have made and how much you can make.
When you no longer care for social status or pride.
When you no longer need any position or recognition.
When you no longer care whether you are right or you are wrong.
When you don't care what others think about you.
And when staying alive becomes the most important thing in life.
That is my friend When you realize how beautiful the life is.

- Buono

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Good bye sunshine

I think it is end of roads for my Sunshine. They are going to put me in day shift from next week onwards. And i was told that they are giving me some extra responsiblities. I think time has come to break my back and kill my soul. God save me.

Welcome to the club

Hi friend,

Rajiv told me that you lost your mobile. My Heart felt condolences.

Next time please get a more sensible mobile. You know with latest technology blue tooth, 3gp and stuff like that. Come on yaar mr KTG mama is giving you 11,699 every month you have to make some use of it.

I wish the old Dabba a peaceful demise. I feel very sorry for the person who took it. Poor guy, what is he going to do with that soap Dabba.

Sorry to hurt your feelings if i have. If i have not i will try harder next time..
He he he...
Oh that was wicked...


Welcome to the club friend.

With great power. comes great responsibility

Green goblin: We are who we choose to be... now choose!

Uncle Ben: Remember, with great power. comes great responsibility.

Uncle Ben: These are the years when a man changes into the man he is going to be in rest of his life, Just be careful who you change into..

This is the movie which changed my life.

Mr star movies you can play it a thousand times. I shall never fail to not miss it.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Why always me??

Today morning when i left the office i was telling myself "What a wonderful day ahead of me. I will get my degree certificate today . I will get a last chance to meet all my class mates in one place. Today is my convocation. and in the evening i will get my credit card. I will buy n73 this weekend with my credit card. WOW what a great day ahead of me. I cant sleep today so what i will sacrifice anything, sleep is nothing."

Most of my mates came for the "Graduate's day" function. Only a few couldn't make it to the programme. It was a wonderfully day minus the sleepiness, minus the worst Biriyani of all time, minus the professors's ( i am not sure if this is the correct word to say a lot of professor apostrophe s) veth scene and their untimely advices( in raj's own words "rabpsa pandrathu" and minus the doubly boring award ceremony.

By evening i was very tired. My eyes were too tired. I was sleeping on every piece of iron i could get hold on. I was sleeping while driving. I was sleeping while travelling in the bus and in the train. Some how i reached the office early by 7:15 i was late by 15 mins. It was the maximum i could make. I rushed to the security and enquired whether the bluedart guy had came or not. He had told me that he will come to my ktg office in between 7:00 and 10:00. So the waiting started. I was so sleepy i couldn't do anything. Tried to disturb Renjith for some time, But noway he is only interested in the java program which he wanted to complete before leaving for the day. Also my bay which is also know as the Bargavinilayam (A house where only dead people live :-)) ) of Ktg was empty.

So i had no other way to sit in the reception and read the newspaper. what a Horrible experience that was, I mean all the guys were passing by i was sitting like i have not seen them and the cushion was so comforting and i was going into sleep. Then i decided there is no other go Ranjith thanne sharanam. I had not recharged my mobile (As usual) so went to Ranjith's bay got his mobile and called the Bluedart guy.
Thank you.. He told me it is not possible for him to deliver the parcel to me because the name given in the parcel is not correct. He said the name is not "pronounced" correctly so he is sending it back to the bank. After a confirmation guy told me that he will send a mail to the bank and ask their confirmation for the delivery of the parcel.

Oh god... When will i get my credit card. When will i buy my n73 and when will i go home. Why is this always happening to me???? Tell me god.. Tell me...

Why always me????? :'((

NB: Just in case If you are confused about what is the relation between n73, credit card and home going.

I lost my n73 given to me by my dad in the very next week he gave it to me. Thanks to my room mate who kept the door open in the early morning. I have not told this matter to anybody including my parents. So i have to buy this n73 before i go home and for that i need to get the credit card. Very strange na :).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My first romance with photography

A Rendezvous with my Love. The snaps taken are a bit armature cos they are taken using non zoom digital and mobile camera's still you can see the pinch of brilliance in some of the snaps. ;)

A trip to duggers beach and back

A trip to dugger's beach and back by road. One of the most memorable trips of my life. This is just a begining..

La vita è bella

Life is certainly beautiful. It is as you see it. The movie made me laugh and think, all at the same time. But the very thought of it is leaving some wet eye balls. What a wonderful movie.

Mr Roberto Benigni you are a real maestro. The movie has given the most memorable moments in the world of cinema. The best First kiss, The best runaway, The best background score, cinematography, direction everything.. There is no wonder why you got the best actor Oscars for that year.

And before i finish,

Always remember the Bellybutton.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Valentine's day that is not so valentine

I love my life. i don't want this female coming into my life and destroy my freedom. Why the hell should i find a girl and have my life in unpredictability. This might sound boring but, i think there are more interesting things in the world than roaming around in movies and zoos and parks and beaches with your love bird.

So would you let your parents decide who you want to live with.? I mean how can they know what you want.? is it not logically correct.? You finding the person you want to live with. ? I mean forget valentines day and park movie and beach. How can you marry a complete stranger and expect to have a happily ever after.?

Oh good question. Never thought from that angle. But Before i answer that question let me ask you this, How can you be sure that you can have a happily ever after with the person you have chosen to be with.? "Almost" always the love marriages fail. Yes there are exceptions i know. There are more arranged marriages working than love marriages. Coming back to your question i think i can have an happily ever after with any person if i want to have one. There is sure an element of unpredictability but it rocks yaar. It is better to find a person who is not sharing any of my taste. May be it is possible that this person comes to my life and fits into my life and completes my better half and may be she does not. Whatever.. Who has seen the past. For the time being i will enjoy my loneliness and freedom.

Bachelor life ROCKS

Ya you are right the arranged marriages work more than love marriages. But it doesn't mean that there is happily ever after in arranged marriages. A marriage to work both the partners have to be very sensible and treat each other with lots of respect. Whether arranged or love marriage, having a happily ever after is very tricky.

tO sEE IS to dOWnLOad

little children 82
the illusionist 75
enigma 73
stranger than fiction 74
apocalypto 65
The Science of Sleep 67
music and lyrics 56
the holiday 55
The Notebook 50

ICE AGE 2 is a complete failure

I cant remember any scene in the movie which was even close to impressive. Unlike its sequel the movie fails in all the departments. There is no story, no script, no story line. The movie is going no where. it is nothing but a piece of crap. I hope i never had seen it.

2 out of 10 and a big thumps down for ice age 2. Mr Pixar next time you make a sequel for a super hit please try to get hold of a good script.

Prayer: Hope they don't make a sequel for Mr incredible and Finding Nemo.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Madhuri do Kashmir Lo

Two different communities
Two different countries
But one single culture.
One single People.

We were all the same people.
Your were born here.
I was born there.
This Line they have drawn have not divided us into two nation.
They have drawn this line between our hearts.
We follow the same religion.
We are from the same creed.
We play the same cricket.
We watch the same hindi movies.
We sing the same "Main zindagi ke saath nibhatha chala gaya".
We loose the Olympics together.

Hey my friend across the border.
Let us learn to love each other (again).
Let us not suffer for the mistakes of our forefathers.
Let us have a new beginning.
Let us be one.
Let us be one once again..

Mr Kabir Khan,

Thank you.
Thank you for making such a wonderful movie.

NB: Ignore the poem. Grab a copy of the DVD.

Friday, February 9, 2007

As greedy as a Pig

Brick top says

Feed them to pigs.

You've got to starve the pig for couple of days. Shave the head of the victim and pull the teeth out for the sake of the pigs digetsion. They will go through bones like butter. You need atleast 16 pigs to do the job in one sitting. So beware of any man who keeps a pig farm. They will go through a body of 200 pounds in about 8 minutes. A single pig can consume 2 pounds of uncooked flesh in one minute.

and Hence the Expression

"As Greedy as a Pig"

courtesy : Snatch 2000

Thursday, February 8, 2007

No strings Attached

I have deleted my first experiment with blogging. The grounddzero does not mean anything for me anymore. Now that i have learned blogging. I have decided to have my own Secret identity. So have cut all the strings attached.

A silent Prayer

A visit to St Thomas mount aka Firangi Malai (West end of Chennai). The place where St Thomas the Apostle of Christ, was believed to have been martyred. 300 ft from ground level, St Thomas mount is viewpoint for the Chennai city. A top the hill you get a 360° view of the city. The place is a challenge for any Photographer. Thousand Images and a Million Angles. The place where you see both the God's greatness and Man's creativity.

Tall buildings, busy roads, Packed Gutters, Empty trash lands for a minute this "I can see everything" kind of feeling crossed my mind. 6.91 million problems and as many struggles were happening right in front of my eyes.

Andy was more interested in the Prayer request list he had brought. A list full of names and their families. He drooped the list in the box provided inside the church.

A silent prayer and a candle.
A prayer for peace and harmony.
A prayer for the martyr who gave his life serving the one's who killed him.
A prayer for all the martyr's of Iraq who are dying for the simple reason that they were born in the land.
A prayer for all the Dead soldiers of both sides.
A prayer for suppressor and the suppressed.
A prayer for peace and a candle for Harmony.