Saturday, February 17, 2007

Welcome to the club

Hi friend,

Rajiv told me that you lost your mobile. My Heart felt condolences.

Next time please get a more sensible mobile. You know with latest technology blue tooth, 3gp and stuff like that. Come on yaar mr KTG mama is giving you 11,699 every month you have to make some use of it.

I wish the old Dabba a peaceful demise. I feel very sorry for the person who took it. Poor guy, what is he going to do with that soap Dabba.

Sorry to hurt your feelings if i have. If i have not i will try harder next time..
He he he...
Oh that was wicked...


Welcome to the club friend.


inlivenout said...

Hurt?? You must be joking. You didnt even come anywhere near that. Anyway, I miss my soap box. I will always miss it :((

Fonceur said...


Missed it again..

I try harder next time.