Thursday, February 8, 2007

A silent Prayer

A visit to St Thomas mount aka Firangi Malai (West end of Chennai). The place where St Thomas the Apostle of Christ, was believed to have been martyred. 300 ft from ground level, St Thomas mount is viewpoint for the Chennai city. A top the hill you get a 360° view of the city. The place is a challenge for any Photographer. Thousand Images and a Million Angles. The place where you see both the God's greatness and Man's creativity.

Tall buildings, busy roads, Packed Gutters, Empty trash lands for a minute this "I can see everything" kind of feeling crossed my mind. 6.91 million problems and as many struggles were happening right in front of my eyes.

Andy was more interested in the Prayer request list he had brought. A list full of names and their families. He drooped the list in the box provided inside the church.

A silent prayer and a candle.
A prayer for peace and harmony.
A prayer for the martyr who gave his life serving the one's who killed him.
A prayer for all the martyr's of Iraq who are dying for the simple reason that they were born in the land.
A prayer for all the Dead soldiers of both sides.
A prayer for suppressor and the suppressed.
A prayer for peace and a candle for Harmony.

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