Saturday, February 10, 2007

Madhuri do Kashmir Lo

Two different communities
Two different countries
But one single culture.
One single People.

We were all the same people.
Your were born here.
I was born there.
This Line they have drawn have not divided us into two nation.
They have drawn this line between our hearts.
We follow the same religion.
We are from the same creed.
We play the same cricket.
We watch the same hindi movies.
We sing the same "Main zindagi ke saath nibhatha chala gaya".
We loose the Olympics together.

Hey my friend across the border.
Let us learn to love each other (again).
Let us not suffer for the mistakes of our forefathers.
Let us have a new beginning.
Let us be one.
Let us be one once again..

Mr Kabir Khan,

Thank you.
Thank you for making such a wonderful movie.

NB: Ignore the poem. Grab a copy of the DVD.

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