Friday, February 16, 2007

Why always me??

Today morning when i left the office i was telling myself "What a wonderful day ahead of me. I will get my degree certificate today . I will get a last chance to meet all my class mates in one place. Today is my convocation. and in the evening i will get my credit card. I will buy n73 this weekend with my credit card. WOW what a great day ahead of me. I cant sleep today so what i will sacrifice anything, sleep is nothing."

Most of my mates came for the "Graduate's day" function. Only a few couldn't make it to the programme. It was a wonderfully day minus the sleepiness, minus the worst Biriyani of all time, minus the professors's ( i am not sure if this is the correct word to say a lot of professor apostrophe s) veth scene and their untimely advices( in raj's own words "rabpsa pandrathu" and minus the doubly boring award ceremony.

By evening i was very tired. My eyes were too tired. I was sleeping on every piece of iron i could get hold on. I was sleeping while driving. I was sleeping while travelling in the bus and in the train. Some how i reached the office early by 7:15 i was late by 15 mins. It was the maximum i could make. I rushed to the security and enquired whether the bluedart guy had came or not. He had told me that he will come to my ktg office in between 7:00 and 10:00. So the waiting started. I was so sleepy i couldn't do anything. Tried to disturb Renjith for some time, But noway he is only interested in the java program which he wanted to complete before leaving for the day. Also my bay which is also know as the Bargavinilayam (A house where only dead people live :-)) ) of Ktg was empty.

So i had no other way to sit in the reception and read the newspaper. what a Horrible experience that was, I mean all the guys were passing by i was sitting like i have not seen them and the cushion was so comforting and i was going into sleep. Then i decided there is no other go Ranjith thanne sharanam. I had not recharged my mobile (As usual) so went to Ranjith's bay got his mobile and called the Bluedart guy.
Thank you.. He told me it is not possible for him to deliver the parcel to me because the name given in the parcel is not correct. He said the name is not "pronounced" correctly so he is sending it back to the bank. After a confirmation guy told me that he will send a mail to the bank and ask their confirmation for the delivery of the parcel.

Oh god... When will i get my credit card. When will i buy my n73 and when will i go home. Why is this always happening to me???? Tell me god.. Tell me...

Why always me????? :'((

NB: Just in case If you are confused about what is the relation between n73, credit card and home going.

I lost my n73 given to me by my dad in the very next week he gave it to me. Thanks to my room mate who kept the door open in the early morning. I have not told this matter to anybody including my parents. So i have to buy this n73 before i go home and for that i need to get the credit card. Very strange na :).


Vaishnavi said...

hehe good luck for your n73,sleeping beauty :D.

Just a little inquisitive:what's your real name? :D

Fonceur said...

Oh that is a big secret you know like james bond 007. I cannot tell you that. If i tell you then probably i will have to kill you.