Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Joke of the last millennium and the one before.

Bachelor : why do they say that marriage completes a man's Life.

Man : That is because Happiness is not everything in life.

Trivia: This joke is voted as the best joke of this millennium and the one coming next by www.singlelifehappylife.com.


inlivenout said...

I am reminded of what our proj manager commented in relation with this - it is similar to a toilet. The one outside desperately wants to get in and the one inside desperately wants to get out ;)

On a serious note, dude, its better to flow along with life rather than expecting life to flow with you.

Has to be me said...

Firstly thannx fr visiting my blog! And thats a nice joke...have a read abt this love story -

There was a man who proposed to a woman. She refused. And he lived happily there after!