Monday, November 26, 2007

Jisine bhi bola hain sahi bola hain

Agar Logan ko Ek Din Jaana Hain to Milte Kyoon hain..


Saturday, November 24, 2007


Once upon a time there was The GOD. He created the whole universe and in it he created a beautiful planet called the earth. Then He decided to create the most wonderful creation he has ever made "The Man". The Angels alerted him that the man will shed blood and spread problems and will not surrender to his will like the rest of the universe. God Knew that giving free will to man is the biggest risk he is taking. But GOD had already taken the decision He created Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve, The Father and mother of six and a half billion people living around the world. The Adam's family began to grow bigger and bigger they started spreading. They went looking for new grounds. Slowly and steady the world began to spread.

God through his messengers (people call them angels) selected some of the good men from the human community to teach man about the purpose of life and to teach man how to live the life. and The GOD made sure that he had his Men in all the ages and all the civilizations ever lived on the face of the earth. He had such 1,24,000 of such good men starting with the first man Mr Adam.

These good Men are the greatest men we always heard about. The Men Like Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph. These Men taught people about the purpose of life and showed them the way of Life.

And then the day had come when he had to seal this process. The world had become one big community. The world was spread over. It was the perfect time for sending the last messenger Mohammed. Last of God's men. Mohammed took the responsibility of showing light to all the men who are living and are going to live till the end of the worlds. So he was very cautious of all the messages that he got from god through the messengers(angels). He collected all the messages and gave the final shape to Quran which was later given a form of book after he passed away.

This Book was then assigned the task which was done by the God's Best men ever lived.It showed light only to those who wanted the light. It never showed light to those who wanted to live in darkness and to those who self proclaimed to themselves that they were in light. It taught the Men the Purpose of life. and GOD promised to the men that he will preserve this book till the end of the world and he then made it available to all the son's and daughter's of his.

He gave this Book to the men and he gave them free will. He told to the mankind through quran. " There is no compulsion. He who ever wants to follow can follow and he who ever wants to reject can reject ", and he thus wrote the greatest tale ever told "THE STORY OF THE EARTH ".

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Groundhog Day(1993)

A Guy has to live the same day over and over again until he finds the perfect day of his life.

A Crazy story but a very very touching movie.

Imdb Profile : Groundhog Day (1993)

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Standing Tall

It is easy to feel left out and pathetic.

See this man.

He has seen it all..

Let down, Dragged, Beaten to death and all you never want to even see in a movies.

But what is more important is..

He is still Standing Tall..

Friday, November 2, 2007


So? I’m tagged by Hema.
So? I am going to say some random things about me.

1. Players start with 5 random facts about themselves. The random facts must be both deeply philosophical and flatly ludicrous at once. (As a leeway, what the player says need not be random or factual as such.)
2. Those who are tagged must behave like nice people. They should post these rules, modifying them suitably if necessary, and their 5 random facts. They must not think of this as a teenager’s activity. Life’s all about such innocent fun (even if you’re in your late-20s, obsessed with more important things like the original identities of bloggers and blog-commenters, or in 30s and completely bald).
3. Players should tag 3 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (If they don’t feel like doing this, there’s another alternative: they should post 10 random facts instead of 5.)

Random facts about me:

1. In school days I always had a doubt in the back of my mind that my parents bought me from somewhere and I used keep see everything from this point of view and always tried to prove to myself that I was a true heir to my parents.

2. I have not shed my tears in pain for the last three years in a row. In my school days i used to cry for anything and everything. Dad used to go to Bombay too often for business purposes, I can still remember that night i started crying and kept crying till the dawn(I always made sure that nobody saw me crying)

3. When in my Kindergarten, My Nursery teacher doubted that I was dumb. Once even she asked my mom "Ningalude makan pottanaa llee??" (Your Sun is dumb right??).

4. In my plus 2 days I used to frequently cut classes and go to movies alone. And that one day i saw four movies straight, back to back and slept out most part of the fourth movie.

5. In my college days I was a full time social worker and used to spend at least 1 hour per day for social activities and used to spend good part of my weekends for the good of the needy. One of my greatest wish that days were to go to jail for atleast one day for doing something very big. And i very nearly lost one of the greatest opportunity when most of my friends got arrested for protesting against the American War policies and the saddest part is that I was there in the city on the same day. All of them were let free after 4 hours of lock up.

And now the tagging part. I am going to tag some random guys. I am sure they wont even respond to my notification. I am doing this because I cant think about another 5 Random thoughts about me.

I tag:

1. Smijith : "I know everything about him". He dont believe in the whole concept of blogging and the first thing he will say is. Oh ya you have a blog le.. Please send me the link.
2. Rajesh : He hates the concept of blogging and he hates all the males and females who call themselves bloggers. and the first thing he will say is "thu paradesi naaye........... dash dash dash "
3. Kannamai: Commenting or writing in a blog will be the last thing she will ever do in her life.

I know all three of you don't have a blog. You can use my Comments space to be random.