Saturday, November 24, 2007


Once upon a time there was The GOD. He created the whole universe and in it he created a beautiful planet called the earth. Then He decided to create the most wonderful creation he has ever made "The Man". The Angels alerted him that the man will shed blood and spread problems and will not surrender to his will like the rest of the universe. God Knew that giving free will to man is the biggest risk he is taking. But GOD had already taken the decision He created Adam and Eve.

Adam and Eve, The Father and mother of six and a half billion people living around the world. The Adam's family began to grow bigger and bigger they started spreading. They went looking for new grounds. Slowly and steady the world began to spread.

God through his messengers (people call them angels) selected some of the good men from the human community to teach man about the purpose of life and to teach man how to live the life. and The GOD made sure that he had his Men in all the ages and all the civilizations ever lived on the face of the earth. He had such 1,24,000 of such good men starting with the first man Mr Adam.

These good Men are the greatest men we always heard about. The Men Like Ram, Krishna, Jesus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Joseph. These Men taught people about the purpose of life and showed them the way of Life.

And then the day had come when he had to seal this process. The world had become one big community. The world was spread over. It was the perfect time for sending the last messenger Mohammed. Last of God's men. Mohammed took the responsibility of showing light to all the men who are living and are going to live till the end of the worlds. So he was very cautious of all the messages that he got from god through the messengers(angels). He collected all the messages and gave the final shape to Quran which was later given a form of book after he passed away.

This Book was then assigned the task which was done by the God's Best men ever lived.It showed light only to those who wanted the light. It never showed light to those who wanted to live in darkness and to those who self proclaimed to themselves that they were in light. It taught the Men the Purpose of life. and GOD promised to the men that he will preserve this book till the end of the world and he then made it available to all the son's and daughter's of his.

He gave this Book to the men and he gave them free will. He told to the mankind through quran. " There is no compulsion. He who ever wants to follow can follow and he who ever wants to reject can reject ", and he thus wrote the greatest tale ever told "THE STORY OF THE EARTH ".

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Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Th post is good, but highly uncharacteristic of you. Not uncharacteristic cauz u think like tht, but uncharacteristic cauz u posted this in ur blog.

Anyways, tell me from where did u copy all this? Writing pattern is certainly not yours :P

But its good to read such a thing first up in the morning. I doubt what went in ur mind tht u decided to put up such a piece on ur blog ...

Fonceur said...

You never know what goes in people minds. :)