Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Height of Imagination

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A journey called life

i want to say some philosoply
you want to hear
yeah yeah
ready for all patheticity
you know what
we are like travellers
travellers keep on travelling
hmmm ..
and they rest
for some time
and again starts the journey
they dont stay anywhere
because they have to go
5 mins 10 mins one day
they rest and they go
ok ...
life in earth is that
ok ..
then we go for the final journey
of the soul
which is the real journey
true .. very true
and in the final journey all people are same
no black no white
no father
no brother
no sister
no girl friend
is for thier own
and all ther relations in this earth
are just situational
thats very much true
you me
our friendship
the things around us
our clother
all are just situational
it has no value in the long run
just like the things we get in fiesta inn hotel for a single day
next day the lady will come and change them
Also ..
u forget one thing ..
though she changes all the stuff
but actuall the new stuff has also taken shape from the same eternal source
thtt source is never ending
never exhausting
actually ...
it is the source for everything ..
the soul of all the travellers
and everyone else
and in the end of the journey
we reach in a ground
a huge ground
where everybody will be present
me you
ok ..
the first man to the laaaaaaaaast man
who ever born on earth
will be there
we can see each other
we identify each other
but how big is the ground then?
but we dont talk
it is very veyr very big
it is not materialistic
you can see everybody
there is no end for your sight
you can see evertying
you dont need an eye to see
it is eternal
then ..
from where do u c?
you close your eyes
and imagine
you can see things
how do you see them without eyes
that is eternal
we cant define them with materialistic eyes
somethig like that
you will be standig there along with your people
your parents
and all the people you konw
but you wont talk to them
all you care about is you
you are waiting
you dont know what is goinng to hapen to you
you know all those people but you are not going to talk anyting
then the judgment starts
hello ...
begining from the first man on earth
we all wait
the judgment will be one at a time
and we all have to wait for our time
this waiting is the lenghiest wait ever in the history of manking
we keep on waiting
people keep on sweeting
ther eis noting to eat or nothing to drink

wats tht?
sweating bloody duck
the sun will be very close to us
and it will be very bright
and finally the waiting is over
it is your turn for judment
one person will come with a book
extend your right hand
and keep your left hand in the back
you hide the left hand
you dont want to take the book in left hand
becos you know
if you take the book in left hand you are in trouble
and you get the book
you open the book
it is the book of life
it has record of all the things you did
all the things you thought
all the things you said
it is almost like a log book
which has everyting
from day you were born to the day you died on earth
Boss !!!!!!!
and you will say
i will die
what the hell of a book is this
it has everything and nothing is left out
and then the judgment wil start
you good deeds and bad deeds will be "weighed"
it will be given quantitavie figure
for good deeds this much
for bad deeds this much
then if you have more good deeds than bad deeds then you go to heaven and live there till no end
you live ther efor ever
and if the bad deeds are more then you go to hell
and live ther for ever
it is a very funny life
our real life will be decided
on the shortest period of 60 yrs
and what we do here
will decide what we are going to be
So keep this thing always in mind
you will have a diff attitude towards life
this is 100% truth
and is surely going to happen
philosophy over
going to OXXO?
did you like my philosphy about life
i loved it

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Being a bad guy aint cool

Have you ever wondered from where Ramu got his story for company?

Watch Scareface(1983). They don't make any like them no more.

Tony Montana
: The best bad guy ever, who always tells the truth. He tells the truth even when he is lying.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Not so tagged..


The tagged thing is too boring for me. I can't do this..

My life is too mysterious that i cant capture any moments that will fit into that four walls of being tagged. I am not sure of what all are the things i like and what i hate. Because i always end up loving the things which i hated. so i am not sure of what to write. And i cant behave like a good guy because i am the upcoming Mafia King Don, the worst bad guy ever.

Please untag me..



No Mameeeeeeees

Is it okay to feel terrible from the moment you wake up and suddenly you start dancing to the music of Shankar Ehsaan Loy(Main hoon DON).

You think i am sad?

No Maamees

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Strange People Strange World

Some people when they are sad they get intoxicated.

and some eat chicken.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A kissing problem

Day 1- I got the taste of it. Even though i was not at the receiving end I was well in a good 4 yards distance when that happened. Nirvana (sounds like an Name of Indian origin but it is a very common girl's name in Mexico) came and kissed Good morning to Papa Roach. I was like "OH MY GOD What the hell is this, first day to office and being kissed by a girl. what will happen to my virginity?" I looked into the depths of my laptop's Monitor staring at my Orkut profile like never before. Luckily She said Hello, Good morning!! from a decent distance. I replied with a hi and my usual frown hopping she wouldn't come near me again.

Week 3- 3 weeks had past. It was quite a struggle. Every mornings and evenings I had to ignore all the (very good looking and friendly) girls of my team just because i feared of being kissed. Then this past Monday morning it happened. One very slim lady (I still don't know her name and which team she belongs) kissed good morning to me when i was completely unprepared (Very Important Note: It is not like the real kiss they just come near, touches cheeks and make that muchhh sound and that's all). For a minute I couldn't look at Papa roach because for the past 3 weeks i had been teasing and threatening him for enjoying not less than 4 pairs of kisses everyday. Papa Roach gave his usual smile and said "Aadath Lagaale Bache Ab tumhe Rooz milenge... Chumma" (Get used to it, Now you will get it everyday) . The same day evening I got one more goodbye Kiss from one another girl from the team.

Now i am under the threat of Minimum 2 pairs of kisses every single day only if i succeed in ignoring other girls and women for (OMG) Rest of my Life (....????).

I may get used to in another week but the Rendezvous with the western lifestyle and the adrenaline rush was by all means priceless.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I am always very particular about the movies i talked about in my blog and so i had promised myself that i would never write about any horror movies.


Whatever stopped me from writing about The shining(1980) did not this time cos this one really scarred the hell out of me.