Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A kissing problem

Day 1- I got the taste of it. Even though i was not at the receiving end I was well in a good 4 yards distance when that happened. Nirvana (sounds like an Name of Indian origin but it is a very common girl's name in Mexico) came and kissed Good morning to Papa Roach. I was like "OH MY GOD What the hell is this, first day to office and being kissed by a girl. what will happen to my virginity?" I looked into the depths of my laptop's Monitor staring at my Orkut profile like never before. Luckily She said Hello, Good morning!! from a decent distance. I replied with a hi and my usual frown hopping she wouldn't come near me again.

Week 3- 3 weeks had past. It was quite a struggle. Every mornings and evenings I had to ignore all the (very good looking and friendly) girls of my team just because i feared of being kissed. Then this past Monday morning it happened. One very slim lady (I still don't know her name and which team she belongs) kissed good morning to me when i was completely unprepared (Very Important Note: It is not like the real kiss they just come near, touches cheeks and make that muchhh sound and that's all). For a minute I couldn't look at Papa roach because for the past 3 weeks i had been teasing and threatening him for enjoying not less than 4 pairs of kisses everyday. Papa Roach gave his usual smile and said "Aadath Lagaale Bache Ab tumhe Rooz milenge... Chumma" (Get used to it, Now you will get it everyday) . The same day evening I got one more goodbye Kiss from one another girl from the team.

Now i am under the threat of Minimum 2 pairs of kisses every single day only if i succeed in ignoring other girls and women for (OMG) Rest of my Life (....????).

I may get used to in another week but the Rendezvous with the western lifestyle and the adrenaline rush was by all means priceless.


Pratosh Dwivedi said...

He he he ... People should look at your face when you are getting kissed. Its is as if some slien is sticking her looooooooong tongue down your throat ...

Its just a greeting man .. take it in a pure sense .. dont be a pervert :P

Fonceur said...

Nice comment.

Thank you.

But don't repeat it.

Rajiv said...

Machaan... Over da...
Paradesi naaye... Indha DACALTI vela pannrathukku thaan nee Mexico poniyaaa????!!!!!!

(Dupsaware - PLS select me and send me to MEXICO!!!)

inlivenout said...