Monday, October 15, 2007

Not so tagged..


The tagged thing is too boring for me. I can't do this..

My life is too mysterious that i cant capture any moments that will fit into that four walls of being tagged. I am not sure of what all are the things i like and what i hate. Because i always end up loving the things which i hated. so i am not sure of what to write. And i cant behave like a good guy because i am the upcoming Mafia King Don, the worst bad guy ever.

Please untag me..




Teodoro said...

see André Benjamim

Hema said...

Quite disappointed :( But its okay!! On second thoughts, I think I shouldn't have tagged you guys in the first place.

Fonceur said...

no second thoughts dude..

if you had not tagged then how will you ever know...

philo: whatever we did was no second thoughts.

and don't be disappointed. i will think about tagged again when i am in a better mood.

Pratosh Dwivedi said...

For me actually, not getting enough time ... thats all ... just gimme some time plz ... i too have to think ... :|