Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Valentine's day that is not so valentine

I love my life. i don't want this female coming into my life and destroy my freedom. Why the hell should i find a girl and have my life in unpredictability. This might sound boring but, i think there are more interesting things in the world than roaming around in movies and zoos and parks and beaches with your love bird.

So would you let your parents decide who you want to live with.? I mean how can they know what you want.? is it not logically correct.? You finding the person you want to live with. ? I mean forget valentines day and park movie and beach. How can you marry a complete stranger and expect to have a happily ever after.?

Oh good question. Never thought from that angle. But Before i answer that question let me ask you this, How can you be sure that you can have a happily ever after with the person you have chosen to be with.? "Almost" always the love marriages fail. Yes there are exceptions i know. There are more arranged marriages working than love marriages. Coming back to your question i think i can have an happily ever after with any person if i want to have one. There is sure an element of unpredictability but it rocks yaar. It is better to find a person who is not sharing any of my taste. May be it is possible that this person comes to my life and fits into my life and completes my better half and may be she does not. Whatever.. Who has seen the past. For the time being i will enjoy my loneliness and freedom.

Bachelor life ROCKS

Ya you are right the arranged marriages work more than love marriages. But it doesn't mean that there is happily ever after in arranged marriages. A marriage to work both the partners have to be very sensible and treat each other with lots of respect. Whether arranged or love marriage, having a happily ever after is very tricky.

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