Tuesday, March 13, 2007

From Water 8/10 to Mozhi 7/10

"Water" A dark Romantic tragedy with a loud message about the status of women in the so called "modern India". The movie has no colors except white and black. I couldn't enjoy the movie completely as most of time i was imagining how the movie would have looked like if Nanditha Das had done the role of KAMALA. The transformation from Earth to Water was wonderful especially the way in which Mr Gandhi was portrayed. Gandhi's presence of the screen was truly electric. Unlike Earth, here gandhi was portrayed as the real mahatma of modern India. The ICON of the movie is Chuyia, the 8 year old widow. Her childishness and ignorance brings some colour in the movie which otherwise would have been all dark.

"Mozhi" One of the Best romantic comedy ever made in the south Indian cinema. I don't know from where Mr Prakash raj got the knack of getting the best directors for his cinema, Or is it the other way around I don't know. Mozhi was full of colors and joy. Free from the usual Mokka comedy from the formulae guys like vivek and vadivel, Mozhi is a comedy which you can enjoy without leaving your brain in the closet . But the real beauty of the movie is the romance between Karthik and Archana played by Prithviraj and Jo. The performances were spot on. Prakash raj was as always at his best. Prithviraj has once again proved that he is not just a Superstar Son of Superstar Dad. Jo was ultimate as was Swarnamalya. Only week point in the movie is its music. Even though the background score was good, The songs were just old fashioned, outdated and at times very boring. A movie like this deserve to have a better music.

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