Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I thought i like company of girls

DO you know what?

Girls think that guys are dogs.


Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Who told you tht?? Your newly formed frnds at office ?? Trust me dood .. girls say tht only for the sake of saying .. Cauz without these so called dogs, they r nothing.

Also, remember the golden rule .. except for ur GF & mother, whenever u hear something from a girl, immediately flush it out of the other ear ... its really not worth listening .. :)

Fonceur said...


You know i am developing a kind of Adaptation with girls and am following the Golden words "If you cant Fight them, Join them".

Hema said...

My f'ing goodness... is this some sorta guys talk? Well "Without these so called dogs, they are nothing" is typical 'THE guy' talk. If gals think guys are dogs - be happy people, they are not calling you pigs, are they?!?

And dude, adaptation?? You talk like getting adapted to some environment!! I wish a feminist reads all this and you are dead meat!

Pratosh Dwivedi said...

If that is a "typical guy comment" then what is

>>>>"If gals think guys are dogs - be happy people, they are not calling you pigs, are they?!?"<<<

I dont even have a category to put that comment into, cauz thanks to the feminine prejudice, we still have to mint the term "female chauvinism".

The comment can be termed as a chauvinist one if it is said just like that without any context. But when a girl can call a guy a "dog", he certainly has full right to defend himself. Imagine someone saying "Girls are ..." :)

No offence intended :)

Hema said...

Well, I guess only Fonceur can understand that am not capable of Chauvinism. That comment was the funniest thing I had ever meant. And I still stick to my point that it was a typical 'THE' guy talk - guys who dont give a damn will not 'waste' time defending themselves.

And btw, if a guy calls me names, I will just 'rotfl'. Whereas Feminists and Female Chauvinists will make sure the guy pays for it.

And I apologize coz I guess I offended you. I shouldn't have assumed that whatever I say reaches the other end as it was 'meant'.

PS : Dooood(Fonceur dude), I think I MUST STOP commenting in blogs :P

Fonceur said...


Come oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

I thought we will have a nice tug of war here. Throw something at him bring him down. don't give up.

what yaar..Be a girl. :)

This is the war of the sexes let's make history.


Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Written comments often dont convey what you intend to. Maybe the same is happened when you read mine.

Contrary to Fonceur's wish, I really dont want to start a tug of war.

Also, I was just not defending myself ... My first comment was like just another casual comment reacting to the author's post.

I am not offended at all .. rather I am impressed by the free attitude of urs. I think Fonceur has told all things right about you.

I know its not needed, but still I too apologize if i offended u or any other female unknowingly thru any comment of mine.

Fonceur said...

Guys guys guys,

Come on.

what is this? some kind of a nursery game. You do something and say sorry teacher.

Come on have some self pride. Go for the kill.

Let the Blood spill all over my blog.

Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Yeah the blood will certainly spill ... but it will be all urs :P

Hema said...

:) Boss, why the thirst for blood? Especially when the discussion revolves around sane[uh uh ;)] ppl??

Papa Roach, I suggest you stay away from that crazy dude - loves to imagine himself to be a Michael Corleone :D but doesn't even know how to 'talk out loud'!

And, Fonceur, please remove the 'word verification'. I assure there will not be much of spamming.

Fonceur said...


how did that sound?