Sunday, June 29, 2008

Love, Marriage, Relationship, Family, Values and INDIA

India is a country of Monkey eating Wild Men. They eat Soups made out of Animal's Eye Balls. They eat brains of live animals and 70% of them live in the wilds.

Thanks to Indiana Jones Patrik has a good hands on Knowledge about India and its culture.

60 years of independence, Freedom, equality, fraternity, Secularism and what not.

Nuclear technology, Nano Technology, Information Technology, Space Technology. The Fastest Growing Economy in the world. Investors Paradise.

At the verge of the 21st century we are still in the dark ages though we are wearing cotton clothes our brains are still living in the wilds along the monkeys. I mean on banyan trees. Age Old Banyan Trees. Like 5000 Years old trees.

You Know Wild Jungles. The ones which are so wild even wild animals fear living in. Our Heads are still there.

Question: Is it allowed for a girl to talk to a guy in India.

Answer: Hell No. You have get prior Permission from her parents. and you have to fix the marriage with her and you have to do all that social bullshit then you can talk to her.

Question: What is marriage in India?
Answer: Parents finding a Person for their Children to sleep with, Because they cant sleep with them no more.

Religion, Cast, Creed Nothing is a bar here. Everybody thinks alike. You go see the world. You live there. You are world citizen and you come back you are the same old monkey again.

For May "Lyf iS aLl aBt sUfFerInZ". They jump from one sUfFerIn to the next. There is no time where they have peace. Still they are the Proud Indian Monkey and proud to be one too...

In the land where DDLJ runs for 10 Years with out a break and still running, People keep their mouth Open when somebodies daughter/son wants to get married to someone he/she likes. Their Bloody head goes down when his or her brother/sister marries his/her love. They cant face the society. They cant go out in public. They are ashamed of themselves and their sibling.


The truth is we have no rights to talk about the developing India. The fast Improving The fast Growing, The Greatest.

What 'I' as an Indian Need to do is think what am 'I'. I have to Show light to the Darkest Corners of my Mind to see whether there is any dark corners where i need to keep the lantern of free thinking.

We have to free our minds from the clutches of Monkey Business and then we can start boasting about the Great INDIA.

Till that Mouh Band Rakne Ka/Vaaye Moodu. .. . (Keep the Mouth Shut)


Esther said...

love is a feeling pure, free simply this within you, you can not ashamed of what you feel you must never, nor do other people that is called "respect"

Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Each generation brings about a new change, a new revolution. It breaks the rigidity of it's predecessors and morphs a new social system.

So, what I would suggest here is, instead of frustrating yourself for being stuck in this transition, think of yourself as an introducer of that change, so that 20 years down the lane we can tell our children, "Dudes!! this is how we fought our battle" :)

As for the Indian society, it is a potpourri ... expecting uniformity in thought & actions would spoil its very essence ... so there is nothing much me and you can do about it.

You have chosen your path & inshallah, it will lead you to eternal happiness. So stop worrying about anything else. Allah made you walk on this path & he will be the one who makes sure that other people understand you as and when the time comes.