Monday, August 25, 2008


I have hitherto had no desire to blog. I know that such an admission instantly puts me as a misfit in the blog /blogger/blogging world.But being the part owner of a blog ( gleefully bestowed on by Fonceur) here I am a blogger.To be truthful it is not just the part ownership to a blog that is driving me on incessant persuasion from the co- owner and sarcastic tendencies that need vent have a major part to play.
Now that I have committed myself to blog let me wonder why people do have an urge to blog.It can be that a blog lends itself to the function that a private diary has but then again think of the lengths to which a diary owner goes to keep the diary private so although a blog might answer a similar purpose a blog isn't just the same . A blog or most blogs are meant to be read and commented by friends , or by strangers.So I think a sense of showmanship is an essential component an extrovert gets to proclaim herself and an introvert gets to blog in relative anonymity. So most bloggers are out here to get a word in the babel and so heres one more blogger
let me add my word too

and yes this going to be an erratic blogger who has no intention to post dutifully everyday. But since this blog has so a far allowed comments , comment spats and more I too will follow the tradition.


Fonceur said...

@pApA rOa'ch

Kenyan files is coming sooooooooooon!!

Pratosh Dwivedi said...

Hmmmmm ... so finally you have arrived ... Its gonna be fun reading your posts .. and commenting on them .. u know why !! :)

@D00d - Well done boss .. didnt know u can be so persuasive

Fonceur said...

@pApA rOa'ch

You don't know manier things about me..

Hema said...

Wishing the blog 100 years of "satire filled" writing by Mam !!!!!
And wishing Mam all the sarcasm and knowledge to do the same :D

-=A.R.N.=- said...

Hmm, wonder why "people have the urge to blog"?

Dude, there is so much to say to the world