Thursday, November 27, 2008

Living on the Edge

The recent terror attack on the financial capital of India is throwing light to many fears which are buried beneath the darkest portions of our hearts. Questions are being raised on safety, well being, Identity even the very existence of oneself. Our Future as a nation, as a family or as an individual hangs in uncertainty when the terror agents performs their acts. A moment you think everything is fine next moment something horrific happens.

With the News channels and Internet doing their jobs to perfection, common man is bombarded with the latest updates and news. He is no longer happy. He sees himself in the shoes of the people who have lost their most near and dear ones for the faults they did not commit.

He starts searching for reasons. He crosses everybody to find Answers.

One after the other the world is putting him under constant pressure. Whether it may be terror attacks or the global economic crisis or the petrodollar conflict, He finds himself at the receiving end every single time. With nowhere to run or hide the common is made to face the harsh realities.

He prays for a peaceful world, a peaceful country a peaceful family. But his prayers are hitting 'blind' ears. There is nobody to help him out. The people he looks for help are in greater need of help.

He is not a Warrior, he doesn't want a Revolution. All he wants is to 'LIVE'.

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