Wednesday, January 13, 2010

26th December 2009

You were lying there on ruby's Lap Motionless. You were pale and breathless, I took my eye off the Camera's view finder and I saw you lying there, thousands of emotions came rushing into my consciousness. Overwhelmed with emotions and a camera to handle, I became completely indifferent of what was happening around me. When you were struggling to catch your first breath, I was standing there smiling and wondering who you were looking like. Every Now and then I took a break from filming to try and figure out what to think.

Looking Back, the journey from Two to Three was not just a jump of a digit but a gradual increment of millions of decimals. From running around to find Notary public to make affidavit for marriage to running around the bumpy roads of Bangalore to induce labor, was a long journey, One with many ups and downs.

You have started your journey with whom must be the most unlikely parents the world can ever throw at you. Parenting and being a role model was the last things we had in mind when we decided it was time we brought you to this material world. At this point in time I have only one advice to share with you "No Lesson is a Lesson unless you have learned from your own experience".

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