Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Back to work

Back to work

Waiting at the Mexico City Airport for the Bus to Puebla. Puebla, that is where i work for my livelihood. I work in a small car making company in Puebla which is called Volkswagen, The company is so small that they have a small bank opened for their employees which is head quartered in Germany. They are saying that they are the largest automobile company in the world. But i didn't believe them. Not even after seeing thousands of cars parked in the employee parking. You tell me if they have bought the worlds most expensive banking software for handling the payrolls and loans of the employees then does it make them one of the most influential companies in the world. No i don't think so.

Ok OK Bandas Apart.

Loads of work are waiting for me in the office. Once Ramu goes back to India this weekend i will be made to sit Popocatepetl volcano . The first week was almost fun in the office. Roaming around seeing people, Eating Mexican food and enjoying life. The poor network connection ensured that we always had an excuse for our lethargy.

Apart from downloading 7 movies in just 4 days from the office, I also watched couple of movies in the cable TV they provide in the hotel. If I had spent lesser time in the gym and the jacuzzi then i would have got more time to see the movies which i downloaded. Thanks to Papa Roach.

Now that Ramadan has started.. I think this will be the most toughest Ramadan for me. I think this is the right time to get more organizized.

After a series of Negative and Positive testing i have found out that the network in the office was getting ****** up due my downloads only. So i am temporarily stopping my downloads. After all why should i **** up the office network when i can get a 40 kb/s download speeds at the hotel room itself.

Something which is not at all related to the post : The one thing i most liked after coming here to Mexico is the view of the volcano from my Hotel room Window in the morning. It is nothing less than breath taking.

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Note: The last two paragraphs were written from my office on Wednesday afternoon . The rest were written on Monday evening.