Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Independence Day

What am i thinking about?

I am not thinking bout no nothing my mind is completely blank and exhausted after the days outing and the Movie Matrix is playing in TNT. Combining to be the most devastating mind blockers in the whole of Mexico city.

I am at the Eurostar suites in Zona Rosa which is in the heart of the Mexico city. Today is the independence day of Mexico. I dont know from who they got freedom or who all faught for it or who all died for it. All i know is today is the 197th independence day celebration of Mexico. Tonight The President of mexico Mr Felipe de Jesus CALDERON Hinojosa is going to give his Independence day speach in Zocalo. And i am told that the whole city is going to turn up at the zocalo for the celebrations.

Dodge this. puff down goes the agent.

Where were we yeah the indpendence day. THe Independce day here is celebrated in the night. The Presidents speach is in the night and then starts the do whatever you want and get away with it night. Yes my friend today there are no rules, no thing is bared, you can do whatever you want and nobody is going to catch you. It is going to be a party night on the streets and that makes the city the most dangerous place to live for us three indians ( Me, Papa Roach and Ramu). So we decided to go to the Zocalo where president is giving presidential Message or speach whatever they call it, in the morning itself and come back to the Zona Rosa, the most happening place in the whole of Latin America. If you ask me i will tell Zona Rosa is the most beautiful place i have ever seen in my life.

The night in Zona Rosa are very lively. Lovers, Gays, Lesbians the Party Animals, The people dressed like wampires, Road side singers, and what else. We can get to see the Human creatures in all sizes and shapes. Now the time is 7:25 in the evening and the party may start any minute from now. Zona Rosa is going to stay awake for the whole night as it does in the every other weekend of the year.

As decided Papa Roach Called me exactly at 7:30 and we are going out to the streets of Zona Rosa to celebrate the Mexican Independence day.

AdiĆ³s Amigos

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inlivenout said...

Whoosh! Guess I will come and work there even if they dont give me a penny!! Lovely place dude.

Ramu dude looks very 'paavam', Papa Roach looks so goddamn similar to Sehwag - I just am NOT able to see him as non-'Sehwag' and well, you look like a gangster :P

smijith said...

So This indicating that U Well settled there. that s make me happy.

Pine eda , eneyum kodupoo mexico ku.. It seems U Really enjoying there. Aniku salary veda mashe, Mohanlalide kude sreenivasan vanna pole vannal mathi ;)

So U Celebrated three independence day this year Right ? One from india , another from Mexico and One From Scope office (Do U remember that ;D)

Take care and Enjoy , We need more blog from U .

Fonceur said...


Ask Mr Ramk to look into mexico as an option. If he cant then you know where to get the bright and the best BULBS in the world :)

yeah i have settled down. I will give more details in my next post. Thanks for the comments.