Friday, September 7, 2007

Dhamal Hain ji

My Rendezvous with the First date was not a failure. You hardly get time to think about what is happening on the screen, So you don't have to be logical.

All you have to do is forget your Movie Critic Ego, Sit back and take the ride and just do the Dhamaal.

This is the best comedy of the year.

It will be like you are seeing a preview of all the comedy you have ever seen in your life.
But who cares if the director is a copy cat.

Dhamaal is a perfect entertainer for the family viewers and the best children's movie after Mr India.

Note: First date is a Premier show in Satyam Cinema Chennai, In which you never know for which movie you came for and you will know the Title of the movie only when they show it on the screen.

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