Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Pardes main ek Desi

I.N.D.I.A. - The five letters

When I used to walk on the streets of chennai, I used to look at the sky and admire the aircrafts taking off and landing to the Meenabakam air terminal and I used to tell myself One Day, One Dayi will also take off. Take off and fly away from the relations friends noise traffic cricket dirty politics Corruption Caste/Religious Misunderstandings and everything. I thought i will cut myself away from all the strings which kept myself attached to the arena. The arena where i just had to dance to the music and the strings made sure that i always made the right moves.

Now the same 5 letters are my identity .

Now I "know" that I would prefer being a puppet than being Pardes Main Ek Desi


sooris said...

That is what we are all about. There are certain things we cannot leave behind. Even if you wish otherwise, it is with you. The most important thing is your identity "INDIAN".

Great to hear this, Amir,

inlivenout said...

I dont seem to understand the last line. Prefer being a puppet?

Fonceur said...

Puppet is something which is always controlled by the puppeteer the one who does the act but doesn't do anything by its own and the puppeteer steels the show.

I think i meant something i like that. actually i don't quite remember what i was thinking when i wrote that. :)